• Film Sheets for Touch Panels/Lenses
  • Sheets for Sview Covers
  • BLU Film Series
  • Anti-reflection Base Films For Road Traffic
  • Film Series for IMD and FIM Process
  • Film Series For Labels Printing
  • OMD-OMF and OMR products system
  • Optical film for polarizer on displayer
  • Optical compensation film
  • PP
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  • REACH Test Report
  • Product Inspection Criteria
  • Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)
  • Product Property
  • Dimethyl Fumarate(DMF) Test Report
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  • SGS -Thermal Shock Test
  • SGS -The Breakdown Voltage Test of PP
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  • PC Sheets for Face Shield
  • Functional film solution provider
    Sichuan Longhua film
  • Touch panels lens and other window lenses mobile phones tablet computers display lenses mobile phone buttons membrane switches
    Touch screen/ lens sheet system
  • Mainly used in thin display tablet notebook mobile phone e-book
    Backlight module film system

    About Longhua

    Sichuan Longhua Film Co. Ltd., was established in 2004 and headquartered in Mianyang, the city of Electronic Science and Technology. We strive to be a leading functional film solution provider, engaging in research, production and sales of PC and PMMA based materials and composite functional films and sheets.After years of continiuous efforts and inovation, our business has involved from flame retardant films, reflective films and labels printing films into 5G communication and optical display f… [MORE]


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